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panflute::daemon::rhythmbox::Player Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Player MPRIS object for Rhythmbox.

Definition at line 77 of file rhythmbox.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def cached_caps
def cached_metadata
def cached_metadata
def cached_status
def cached_status
def CapsChange
def do_CapsChange
def do_GetCaps
def do_GetMetadata
def do_GetStatus
def do_Next
def do_Pause
def do_Play
def do_PositionChange
def do_PositionGet
def do_PositionSet
def do_Prev
def do_Repeat
def do_SetMetadata
def do_StatusChange
def do_Stop
def do_TrackChange
def do_VolumeGet
def do_VolumeSet
def GetCaps
def GetMetadata
def GetStatus
def Next
def Pause
def Play
def PositionChange
def PositionGet
def PositionSet
def Prev
def remove_from_connection
def Repeat
def SetMetadata
def start_polling_for_time
def StatusChange
def Stop
def stop_polling_for_time
def TrackChange
def VolumeGet
def VolumeSet

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

int ART_FETCH_DELAY = 3000
string in_signature = ""
 NO_SONG_CAPS = panflute.mpris.CAN_PLAY
string out_signature = ""
string signature = "a{sv}"

Private Member Functions

def __check_for_art
def __different_uri
def __elapsed_changed_cb
def __playing_changed_cb
def __process_metadata_field
def __property_changed_cb
def __song_properties_cb
def __update_art_cb
def __update_metadata
def __uri_changed_cb

Private Attributes


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