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panflute::daemon::mpris::Player Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for panflute::daemon::mpris::Player:

panflute::daemon::amarok::v1_4::Player panflute::daemon::banshee::Player panflute::daemon::exaile::v0_2::Player panflute::daemon::listen::Player panflute::daemon::moc::Player panflute::daemon::mpd::Player panflute::daemon::muine::Player panflute::daemon::passthrough::Player panflute::daemon::quodlibet::Player panflute::daemon::rhythmbox::Player panflute::daemon::xmms2::Player panflute::daemon::xmms::Player

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Detailed Description

The MPRIS object located at /Player, providing access to playback controls
and current status.

This class offers a cache of various status values, which subclasses may
set at will.  The cache manipulation methods will automatically fire the
appropriate signals, and the default implementations of the corresponding
Get functions will read from the cache.  Subclasses are free to disregard
the cache and implement the functionality themselves if they wish.

Definition at line 234 of file mpris.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def cached_caps
def cached_metadata
def cached_metadata
def cached_status
def cached_status
def CapsChange
def do_CapsChange
def do_GetCaps
def do_GetMetadata
def do_GetStatus
def do_Next
def do_Pause
def do_Play
def do_PositionChange
def do_PositionGet
def do_PositionSet
def do_Prev
def do_Repeat
def do_SetMetadata
def do_StatusChange
def do_Stop
def do_TrackChange
def do_VolumeGet
def do_VolumeSet
def GetCaps
def GetMetadata
def GetStatus
def Next
def Pause
def Play
def PositionChange
def PositionGet
def PositionSet
def Prev
def remove_from_connection
def Repeat
def SetMetadata
def start_polling_for_time
def StatusChange
def Stop
def stop_polling_for_time
def TrackChange
def VolumeGet
def VolumeSet

Static Public Attributes

string in_signature = ""
string out_signature = ""
string signature = "a{sv}"

Private Member Functions

def __assert_valid_caps
def __assert_valid_status
def __poll_for_time

Private Attributes


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