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panflute::applet::widget::Scroller Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Display multiple lines of text, one at a time, scrolling from one to the

This uses gtk.Fixed instead of gtk.ScrolledWindow because the gtk.Viewport
which would otherwise be needed insists on drawing its own background,
ruining panel background effects.

Definition at line 341 of file widget.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def do_button_press_event
def do_expose_event
def do_scroll_event
def do_size_allocate
def do_size_request
def set_angle
def set_strings

Static Public Attributes

 is_expandable = True
 wants_padding = True

Private Member Functions

def __add_string
def __begin_scroll
def __continue_scroll
def __destroy_cb
def __pack_labels
def __refresh_if_heightened
def __scroll_content
def __set_offset
def __skip_backward
def __skip_forward

Private Attributes


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