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panflute::applet::widget::Button Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for panflute::applet::widget::Button:

panflute::applet::applet::LaunchButton panflute::applet::applet::NextButton panflute::applet::applet::PlaybackButton panflute::applet::applet::PreviousButton

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Detailed Description

Specialized version of gtk.Button that plays nicely inside an applet.

This class takes care of all the actual rendering of the button, in order
to mimic the behavior of launcher buttons and eliminate the border that
would normally appear around one.

Definition at line 49 of file widget.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def do_button_press_event
def do_enter
def do_expose_event
def do_leave
def do_pressed
def do_released
def do_size_allocate
def do_size_request
def set_angle
def set_icon_name
def set_stock_id

Static Public Attributes

 is_expandable = False
 wants_padding = False

Private Member Functions

def __preferred_size
def __reload_image
def __sensitive_changed_cb
def __shift_pixbuf_colors

Private Attributes


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